Choose from a wide array of materials for multiple applications in the food service and janitorial industries.   From economical Poly to puncture resistant Nitrile gloves, Direct Paper Supply has the style, fit and function for every need.  Our warehouse stocks the following gloves: Poly, Vinyl, Latex, Nitrile Blue, Nitrile Black and Cotton String Knit Gloves.

Gloves are key to minimizing the risk of an FBI (food borne illness). Patrons want to see gloves being used in restaurants and bare hand contact with RTE (ready to eat) foods is prohibited in most jurisdictions.

Gloves should be removed for non-food tasks such as handling money, taking out the garbage.

Use and change gloves often. Remember, disposable gloves are to be worn one time only and not reused. Wash and dry hands thoroughly prior to donning a new pair of gloves and change gloves after sneezing, coughing, or touching your hair or face.

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