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Direct Paper Supply Is...

building long-term relationships as a valued partner to our customers.

We Will...

use continuous improvement, in a TEAM environment so that employees reach their full potential.

Direct Paper Supply Is...

making investments to enhance customer experience through strategic growth and improved efficiencies.

We Are...

using quality products to exceed customer expectations and environmentally responsible.

Tom Hannawa


Phone Number: 248.298.0530 EXT. 107
Fax Number- 248.298.0531

Darlene Barbat

Senior Sales Account Executive/Purchaser

Direct Phone #  248.298.0532
Office Phone# 248.298.0530   EXT. 112
Direct Fax # 248.629.1477
E-mail: Darlene@DirectPaperSupply.com

***Speaks Fluent Arabic & Chaldean***

Bill Lux

Senior Sales Account Executive/Purchaser

Phone Number – 248.298.0530 EXT. 104
Fax Number- 248.298.0531
E-mail: Bill@DirectPaperSupply.com

Karla Atchoo


Phone Number- 248.298.0530 EXT. 144
Fax Number- 248.298.0531
E-mail: Karla@KarlaAtchoo.com

Amanda Martine

Accounts Receivable

Phone Number- 248.298.0530 EXT. 102
Fax Number- 248.298.0531
E-mail: Amanda@DirectPaperSupply.com

***Speaks Fluent Albanian*** 

Donald Hannawa

Shipping & Receiving Manager

Phone Number- 248.298.0530 EXT. 145
Fax Number- 248.298.0531

Kathy Stough


Phone Number- 248.298.0530 EXT. 144
Fax Number- 248.298.0531

Nico Hannawa

Shipping & Receiving

Phone Number- 248.298.0530 EXT. 145
Fax Number- 248.298.0531

Michael Haya


Phone Number- 248.298.0530
Fax Number- 248.298.0531



We have the resources and skill sets to meet your business needs

Direct Paper Supply sales team is always providing the best service possible providing grade A response, dedication, and care for all your supply needs

To Our Customers

  • While providing top quality service we also strive to provide a wide variety of products tailored to our customers needs. If a customer has a request for a product that is not on the general product catalog we will try our best to see if we can stock and supply it for you.
  • We aim to provide the highest quality products and are always willing to work with the customer to solve any discrepancies.
  • Our accounting department works hard to be competitive with our domestic and LTL shipping rates to provide you with the best possible pricing.
  • Direct Paper Supply pricing is always affordable and competitive. Our sales team will work with you to match or beat the competition.

To Our Agents

Direct Paper Supply believes that competition in a market economy should be carried out in an ethical way. We strive to improve our service and products while analyzing performance reviews and reports.

We are committed to working with the industry leaders to provide the greatest possible return for our business partners and delivering the best service and reliable products to our shared customers. Our partnerships are not developed only to benefit our company, but to enrich and enhance both investors while continuing our dedicated support to our customers.

These business principles not only apply to us, but we promote the same among all of our business partners and resellers.Direct Paper Supply constantly strives to provide the best product and service on all levels. We are always looking for new ways to improve our pricing, customer service, and agent relations. We appreciate your support, your business, and your opinions. Feel free to contact us with any suggestions, questions, or concerns you may have.





1721 Maplelane Ave,

Hazel Park Michigan, 48030



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